BE4 – Visegrad Jazz and Visual Arts

BE4 – Visegrad Jazz and Visual Arts
28th – 30th November 2013

Kraków - Rotunda Club

ul. Oleandry 1, 30-060 Kraków

The project will last three days and each day will consist of the performance of jazz band and visual event - the same day two countries juxtaposed to exchange the ideas, show similarities and differences  and at the same time give the artists the chance to encounter and exchange the ideas. The audience is the witness of combined spectacle and creation of new raised  quality. 
Stowarzyszenie Rotunda
20 International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima 
37  International Contest of Young Jazz Bands JAZZ JUNIORS
Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (
Anifilm s.r.o. (
Improvizatív Zeneműhely Egyesület (www.
Mikołaj Trzaska
David Kollar 
With the support of International Visegrad Fund 
28th November 2013 – improvised jazz concert Viktor Toth Trio (Hungary)  feat. Maciej Obara & Dominik Wania (Poland) with silent film “The Kreutzer Sonata” by Gustav Machatý (Czech Republic)
The first day, finishing Etiuda&Anima Festival we are going to show the archive film from Czech Republic “The Kreutzer Sonata” by Gustav Machatý - the great silent movie from 20's combined with jazz band The Victor Toth Trio (Hungary) feat. Maciej Obara&Dominik Wania (Poland). Screening of the film is also an occasion to point out and celebrate the 70th anniversary of The National Film Archive in Prague (Národní Filmowý Archiv). 
The Kreutzer Sonata”, dir. Gustav Machatý, With: Eva Byronova, Jan W. Speerger, Miroslav Paul, 1927, Czech Republic 
The great silent movie from 20's realized by Gustav Machatý, the most famous after the films “Extasa” and “Eroticon”. This rare Czech adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s story tells the tale of a man driven to rage and revenge when he hears his pianist wife and her lover playing Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata. 
With live accompaniment by acclaimed Hungarian jazzman Victor Toth Band:
Viktor Toth is a saxophonist recognized as the most interesting Hungarian jazz musician. His album "Climbing with Mountains" was received as the best Hungarian jazz album of 2007. He gives concerts in all of Europe and USA. Victor composes his original material, creating soundtracks for the contemporary dance performances and he collects folk music always trying to push forward into new directions.
Maciej Obara & Dominik Wania Both musicians met for the first time in Tomasz Stańko's band, and it was by him that they initiated their musical frendship. The summary of their track record is the Maciej Obara Quartet "Equilibrium" album, whose release took place on the 27th November 2011 during the Jazztopad festival in Wroclaw.
29th November 2013 – improvised jazz concert Vojtech Prochazka Trio (Czech Republic) + animated trailers and advertisements (Czech Republic)
The second day we will present Czech short animations - trailers and promotion films with live music by Vojtech Prochazka Trio (CZ) . After concert we are planning Jam Session of all musicans from V4 with visualisations and short animated film from V4 countries
Vojtech Prochazka Trio - Vojtech Prochazka (piano), Adrian Fiskum Myhr (double bas), Tore T. Sandbakken (drums)
Vojtech Prochazka is one of the most talented Czech jazz pianists. Playing in a traditional jazz trio, he creates unique and fresh music. During his concerts, Vojtech's piano strings reach unusual tunes, forming a musical landscape composed of complex sounds and colours. The band plays mainly improvised music, which comes to life spontaneously during the concerts.
30th November 2013 – improvised jazz concert Mikołaj Trzaska band from Poland 
The third day (it will be first day of the 37  International Contest of Young Jazz Bands JAZZ JUNIORS) Mikołaj Trzaska band (PL) is playing music from Polish films "Róża" and "Drogówka" by Wojciech Smarzowski 
Mikołaj Trzaska - The legend of Polish Jazz scene, a saxophonist, a clarnetist and a leader, or co-leader of the bands  Miłość, Łoskot, The Users, NRD, Gdańskie Słoniki, Masło and many more. The author of music to theatre plays, films and documentaries. With his wife Aleksandra Trzaska, he leads the Kilogram Records publishing house. He cooperated with  Tymon Tymański, Marcin Świetlicki, Andrzej Stasiuk, Jurij Andruchowycz and Ken Vandermark. Trzaska bravely crosses cultural and genre boundaries. The author of the soundtrack for the film "Róża". 
30th November 2013 – improvised jazz concert David Kollar Project (Slovak Republic) +  students films from MOME (Hungary)
The last event of the project BE4 will be concert of the Slovakian band - David Kollar Project and it will be mixed with Hungarian short animated films created in the best Hungarian animated film school MOME. 
David Kollar Project - David Kollar was born in Prešov, Slovakia in 1983. In 1990, he began to learn classical guitar. After four years David has changed acoustic guitar and he started to learn to play electric guitar. David's teacher was popular guitar player in Slovakia Karol Sivak. After this time, David started to play with professional Slovak musicians. David was a member of Xibalba 1999, Fade out 1999, Joe and Entry 1999, Frown 2000. David also worked as a sidemusician in Andy Belej band 2001, Nataša Džunková 2001 and Peter Ondria "alias" Lois Armstrong" in 2002. 
In 2004 David finished jazz school in Prešov. In 2005 David formed the David Kollar Band and in the same year won the award, New Faces of Slovak Jazz. Now David and his band are performing all over Europe. In 2009 David formed International project called David Kollar Project with two famous musicians from Hungary. Adam Marko on drums, Gergely Baranyi on bass. The project garned a big success. The interest in and the popularity of David Kollar Project has risen up after few first concerts and the band had been invited to participate in many big festivals. In 2009 David entered to the world of film music as film music composer. January 2010 David recorded solo album "Film soundtracks and Ideas".